Portfolio / Commission Me

Thank you for checking out my portfolio! I am open for commissions. Please email me at morriebird@gmail.com if interested

Please scroll down to check out examples of what I can offer! I usually work traditionally in pencil and then color digitally using SAI Paint or Krita. I also make digital drawings and sometimes T-shirts and comics.




Quick character design sketches. I made this space adventurer based on description






A cleaner sketch that can be done at high resolution if needed. Perfect if you love that cartoon doodle look like I do!




The following all are traditional pencil starting with a blue pencil to sketch. I scan the image and remove the blue lines and make any other edits digitally.

Here’s an example of how I digitally edit and color my pencil drawing


Another example: pencil with digital coloring


Here are examples of digital work:

As for comics, I make them again using traditional pencil, scanning, and coloring digitally.





Lastly, I make T-shirts! This design was given to me to digitally remake and print onto a T-shirt.